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Landing forms

A landing form must only be completed within 48 hours before your scheduled arrival on the Isle of Man.


Completion of this form any sooner would invalidate your application which may delay your onward journey on arrival, completion on or after arrival may delay your ability to book a test (which may affect the duration of your isolation period).

If you applied online, your landing form will be available for completion through the Application Portal. You will not be able to see this form until your application for travel has been approved.

You can also download and print a paper copy of the Landing Form for manual completion, this should be passed to the Port Security Officers on arrival.  

When you have completed you will be emailed a link to book a test, which can be pre-booked before you arrive. You cannot pre-book a test until you have filled in the landing form.

Please note:

Manx Residents do not need approval to travel, however they still need to register via the Applications Portal to receive an RR Number, which is required for the Landing Form. You only need to apply for an RR Number once, if you already have one from previous travel you will only need to complete a new landing form.

When you arrive at the port/airport the Port or the Airport Security officer will ask arriving passengers to show a copy of your or Entry/Exemption Certificate, photographic ID and a copy of your completed Landing Form.

Every traveller will be issued with a direction notice on arrival to the Island, this notice will detail the restrictions which you will need to adhere to. If you complete your landing form online you will receive a confirmation email providing details on how to book any tests required when you arrive on the Island. 

Our current restrictions information details the different testing and isolation pathways.